Getting Around

The UK is stunningly beautiful with it’s rolling pastures, ancient woodlands, misty moorlands and a coastline to die for.  Even after 8 years here I haven’t run out of places to see.

My 1st convertible, 1994 Mazda Eunos Overlooking Chisel Beach, Dorset June 2017

The UK is small which means you can get pretty much anywhere in a few hours.  We live in Devon and often drive to Dorset for a cruise along the Jurassic Coast or over to Cornwall for the day.  There’s castles, gardens, ruins not t

There is never a shortage of things to do and see. Throughout the year there are classic car shows, fayres and festivals.  You can visit one of the many historic properties, gardens, ancient villages or beaches.  Or take the train or bus to London for a bit of shopping and a show on the West End. I loved living in Canada but I really appreciate the fact that it never gets very cold here and you can enjoy outdoor activities without freezing to death (though we still complain about the weather). If you want to venture further afield there are cheap options for Europe and Ireland.  A few years ago we took the bus to Paris in the morning and by evening we were drinking wine on the Champs Elysee.

I didn’t drive the first year here but I never found a problem getting to where I needed or wanted to be.  Public transport for the most part is reliable and reasonably priced.  Cars can be fairly inexpensive depending on what you want.  There really is nothing better than driving over the moors in a convertible blasting the Tragically Hip.

So whatever mode of travel you choose, get out there and explore our green and pleasant land!

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“What I love most about this crazy life is the adventure of it”. – Juliette Binoche