Being Canadian

Being Canadian

So what exactly does that mean to be a Canadian? Is it guzzling maple syrup? playing hockey? saying ‘eh’?
Other than being always polite, known for being peace makers and not war mongers, what does it really mean to be Canadian? As an expat living in the UK I can’t tell you the number of times people have asked me if I was an American. Most of the time when I tell them I’m from Canada, the response is really nice, but a few times some people have said ‘what’s the difference’? It never fails to surprise me just how little the world knows about Canada.

Fortunately filmmaker Robert Cohen finally gets to the bottom of the question – what does it mean to be a Canadian??? His new film, Being Canadian ‘is a film about self-discovery, comedic enlightenment, and way too many embarrassing stops for donuts’.

A must see film for Canadians and for people who wish they were. The film documents his cross Canada journey and his interviews with Canadians (and a few clueless Americans) in an attempt to answer the burning question….what is it truly like to Be a Canadian?


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